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President and CEO, GGHI.  Connect with Dr. Saunders for psychological consults, coaching, training, speaking engagements, or just to chat and build relationship.  Join her in her weekly show for inspirational and educational insights to train your mind to change your brain and live your best life NOW!!!  Coming soon will be her online store and Powerup University Library where she pours into you her vast knowlege-base for living the Powered Up Life from youth to young adults and beyond!  Items include archives of her writings and trainings as well as those of individuals who have inspired her.  Stay Tuned and join her in maximizing your life and health...body, mind, and spirit!!!




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Plenty is going on in the RSO Network Connection Room.  In addition to staying abreast of events and appearances that Ms. Jean will be hosting including conferences, retreats, and speaking engagements, you will be able to take connecting to the RSO Network to the next level with live chat and inspirational talks, VIP interviews and forums, one-on-one consults, and more!  Be the first to know what's coming up on the RSO Today Show and gain access to Ms. Jean's online products and teaching archives in the RSO Network Connection Room.  Most of all, STAY TUNED for her international prayer initiative that you can be a part of.  Join her in moving mountains, globally, through the tools of faith and health.  Click Now to ENTER!

RSO Network Connection Room




Stay up to date with Just One's 'Jewels 4  Jewels' radio and television show and gain access to the online store where products are available, designed to celebrate and uplift you as the treasure you are, from jewelry and other outerwear to health and wellness products to educational resources designed to keep you  informed on walking out your treasured life daily.  Through live chat and coverage of  inspirational events as well as online and other creative, fun ways Ms. Laverna has planned for connecting with you, the enrichment that this portal provides is just a click away.  Come in the room! You are always welcome.

Just One

Marketing & Retail

Laverna Saunders


Enter the Higher Ground (HG) Portal with a view to grow as you fine tune your gifts and talents in the arts and music industry. Here, you will stay up on Ms. V's Higher Ground Sight and Sound show as well as her scheduled performances and training opportunities where you can be coached and hone your talent for the world to see.  Here, right in the app, is where you can connect live with her through chat and other streaming appearances as well as gain access to the HG online store where Ms. V's amazing products are sold and services are made available.  Yes, book her for concerts and other special events. Discounts apply when you connect through the RSO App.  Be boosted for a life of adventure!  Just a click away!




How awesome is it to enter the room of a world renowned artist and interact with her, LIVE!  That's what you get with Maysa in the RSO Network.  Just click here and you will gain VIP access to live chat and inspirational connections she wants to share with you throughout the week.  Learn what's coming up on her weekly live show, Maysa's Kitchen Karaoke, as well as VIP special interviews and coverage of events where Maysa highlights her guests as the Main Event.  As a one-stop-shop portal, you have access to her online store with her awesome products along with VIP discounts to future events as well as to her archive of past shows you have missed and want to see ON DEMAND!!  Finally, here is where you can request bookings for guest appearances and concerts.  You asked for it, It's Here...Maysa's Jazz & Blues Network Portal.  Click to will never be the same!

Maysa's Jazz and Blues Network Portal

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